The Shenandoah Subdivision consists of 495 residential homesites located in the City of Chesterfield, Mo.
Located in the subdivision is the Shenandoah Valley School, K-5, which is part of the Parkway School system, considered to be one of the finest in Missouri.
Real estate values are excellent and homes range between $200,000 and $300,000. Complimenting the homesites is over 50 acres of common ground which may be used for recreation or just left as green space or wooded area.
The Shenandoah Subdivision is governed by trustees who are elected every year on a rotating basis. Elections are held during the annual general business meeting.
Annual dues are paid by the residents and go toward maintaining the common ground properties as well as general maintenance and street lights.
The subdivision is serviced by public transportation and is close to shopping malls, hospitals, parks, and recreation facilities.
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Parkway School District

Chesterfield City Hall

Saint Louis County

State of Missouri

U.S. Government

Subdivision Trustees

President: Donna Giamalva
1168 Still House Creek Road
Treasurer: Jack Sander
1230 Beaver Creek Road
Secretary: David Fingerhut
1218 Cedar Creek Road
Common Ground: Larry Hoffman
1225 Beaver Creek Road
Common Ground: Brian Reddy
1204 Cedar Creek Road
Bookkeeper: Cindy Wardell
1184 Jonesborough Road

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