Shenandoah Subdivision has over 57 acres of Common Ground.  This is one of our neighborhood's greatest assets and is sought out by those shopping for homes.  We need your help to preserve our natural environment.
  1. Mowing
    Keep the common ground grasses at least 4 - 6 inches high (or more) to help absorb and slow water run-off. Should look more like a meadow than a golf course.
  2. Track
    Shenandoah Subdivision owns the land adjacent to the elementary school and leases it to the Parkway School District for $1/year to save on maintenance costs.
  3. Honeysuckle
    Japanese and bush honeysuckle are invasive vine/bushes that shade out existing native ground cover. Identify and Remove.
  4. Yard Waste
    Please do not dump yard waste onto the common ground. This causes soil erosion. It is a violation of the City of Chesterfield ordinances to dump on common ground.
  5. Soil Conservation
    Soil Conservation efforts are underway for certain areas of the neighborhood subject to Erosion.
  6. Street Tree program
    Trees between the street and sidewalk are owned by the City of Chesterfield. This program provides for planting, removal, and maintenance along public streets.
  7. Street Light issues
    Report/check outages with Ameren for free with the Ameren app, @, or by calling Ameren (314) 342-1111. Include the pole # and street address.
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